The Great Cloud


The great changes on the horizon have me contemplating my life during my adolescence.


I remember the day I had met my friend, D.S.* He was just appointed interim Pastor of a church in a sleepy little town. The parishoners in charge of voting him in said they were impressed by his resume. At this point in my life, change was very scary. So, I rolled my eyes.

He was a chatterbox. A good listener was a plus in your court. There was much to be gained when you focused on the core of his conversations.

As I warmed up to his sermons and personality, I realized how unique he was… kinda like a bug in a specimen jar. What is he going to do next? What ideas would he entertain?

My family began to invite him for meals. I was going through an awkward phase and he was aware of that. (Dear Reader, I always had older friends so taunts or inquiries were never far behind.)

We had questions and stories for him. He reciprocated. Every parish he made his home and loved his congregation as if they were his kin.

He had attended a couple of ivy league schools, taught at one. D.S. made biblical studies his life’s work. More than anyone I have ever met, he was the most brilliant biblical scholar.

He would take walks with us and oftentimes, just me. I told him about my thoughts and school. One day, he told me that he had a vision of a young man that would someday be my husband. He explained that he had light eyes, a reserved nature. But I scoffed. Who on earth would want to do that?

He remained in the area for several years until he found his calling elsewhere.

In 2012, we found him again and he officiated my brother’s wedding. It was a sweet reunion. He reminisced about our family while at the pulpit. We had stayed in his heart for years – our family had made their way into many sermons.

The stay lasted a week.

Today I write to him. There are many blessings. My brother has been married for two years. The youngest is getting married in August. As for myself, I have met the young man in the vision. He has surpassed my wildest expectations.

There is no ending. Only new beginnings.

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