The Cosmic Headache


He makes my life brighter. My perspective on it has shifted. What a difference someone can make!

People try to put me down for being optimistic. Why? What’s the point? Its an illness to try to drag someone down. A cancerous way of life.

You see, plainly so, that I am not perfect. I have physical, emotional and spiritual flaws. They may not always be on display but they exist, perhaps tucked away from prying eyes.

I don’t have the best of everything but I make the most of what I have. To me, that is the best. I’ll gladly take it all.

At one point, I didn’t have employment. Or a beautiful man. Or nieces. Or brothers. Or friends.

Like a slow tide, water shaped the sand. Sometimes it would vanish.

I ask for a shift in perspective – even if it was experimental. Try to give thanks for what you have. Meditate on what you have. It’ll become so much bigger than it seems.

Your thankfulness will blossom into a grand flower soaking up as much light as it can.

Most of us have chosen to remain negative – now its your turn to try the opposite.

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