Dream Dust vs. Dream Mallet


From what I gather of other people’s dreams, they are wispy and fleeting. They catch a theme, perhaps a moment, which they remember. Sometimes with a smile, a chuckle or a slight cringe.

My dreams are incredibly vivid. There is great detail with tangible quality. I can sense emotions very clearly. I enter another place, another time.

Last night, I dreamt a loved one passed away. Something told me to visit her. As I neared her home, I heard her as clear as day. She asked how I was. Yet I could not see her! I detected footsteps but no visual form. Her dogs played in the distance. It was a bit confusing. “Not everything witnessed can be seen with the eye.”

The next thing I remember is a hospital bed. In the bed was a terminally ill woman. She was non verbal and a vegetable of her former self. Her family said to pull the plug. She was done in this life. I was in her body even though I was on the outside. Inside of her, I felt life and pain. Excruciating pain. As her lungs shut down first, I could feel relief. A bit of a natural, mechanical struggle but anticipation.

What was she going to see?

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