Marilyn & Me – A Review

I had spent part of the afternoon killing time at my local library. As I wandered through my usual spots, I happened to notice a small book with a photograph of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.  Its hard to elude her even in death. She seems to be an omnipresent force after more than fifty years.  That’s why I have grown tired of her. Sure she had a rare beauty and a flirtatious innocence but she wasn’t of Shakespearean caliber in the acting department. Marilyn exuded stupidity but she was far from. You see, that’s part of her charm. It takes an intelligent individual to play daft well. 

The book, “Marilyn & Me”, was a nice departure from the rest of the Marilyn books you’re likely to find.  It paints the picture of a complex woman with a haunting past and an unmistakable hypnotic effect on people. Lawrence Schiller, the author, had the privilege of photographing the infamous Ms. Monroe on a couple of occasions. 

I won’t give too much away so I suggest, especially if you’re a fan, to pick it up. Its a little over one hundred pages and not a heavy read.  If you have a bottle of Dom, all the better.

Marilyn & Me: A Photographer’s Memories

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