Genealogy Adventure: A Summary

Most people will find that they are predominantly one, perhaps two ethnic backgrounds within a certain period in their lineage.

I suppose I am the exception. Most of my heritage that I am very or somewhat acquainted with is recent. German on both my paternal and maternal side. My paternal side extends back several generations as well as my maternal.

Mother is mostly of German ancestry. She has some Polish and quite possibly Romanian roots. Her mother’s father (my great grandfather) was a Danube Swabian situated in the Banat region of modern day Fumuseni, Romania. Which means he was an ethnic German living in what was Schondorf, Hungary. (Borders changed).

My maternal grandmother’s mother’s side is Polish. They immigrated from Galicia, Poland. Great Grandma (bless her heart) is 95 and still kicking. Her mind as sharp as a tack. She still has some tales to tell about her family.

My mother’s father’s side is full blooded Deutsch. As far back as our records indicate. As far as which slice of Germany is unclear. Grandpa’s father’s side were German farmers situated in present day Clarence, New York. Jacob Baker was born in 1800 as well as his wife, Kate. Grandpa’s mother’s side were Zeitzes and Fixxes.  Grand Island, New York has a Fixx rd – a tribute to a distant part of my ancestry.

My father’s maternal side is Finnish. That’s a relatively large mystery to me. How long had they lived there? Who were they? I can go as far back as my Great Grandparents. According to Nana, we had some heavy artistic talent with some stage presence (of relative fame).

My father’s paternal side seems slightly scattered. Papa’s father’s side has considerable roots in England namely Middlesex and Berkshire (thank you to my Guardian Genealogist, Gail.) His mother’s side has a healthy dose of German and what sounds like French, English. On that side, we share DNA with Woodrow Wilson’s secretary of the interior, John Barton Payne. (Also President of the Red Cross for several years).

Why did I purge this information onto my WordPress? I like to link with fellow genealogists and quite possibly missing links to my tree.

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