A Jaunt Through Forest Lawn Before The Tundra Hits


I am in a village right outside of Buffalo, New York. My boyfriend is practically my neighbor (several blocks away).  We have been having a horrendous time obtaining employment and it came as a suggestion to embark on an adventure yesterday.

At first, it was going to be the science museum. I recommended an outdoor museum. A necropolis to be exact. If you ask me, Buffalo’s crown jewel. The epic and history laden boneyard known to locals as “Forest Lawn Cemetery”.

The gigantic iron fencing protects its inhabitants with a quiet pride. It houses Victorian and modern art from the past 150 plus years. An extensive roadway twists, turns and plummets through its French Park style visage.

When you enter Forest Lawn, you abandon the 21st century. A warmth and tinge of curiosity grow stronger as you make your way through either entrance. Animals make this their home year round. Joggers find this an excellent place to exercise with little influence from the outside world.

For those weary of graveyards, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh it is.

My beau and I had the privilege of taking a long stroll through the interior on what was probably the last decent day of 2014 (Veteran’s day to boot!).

There was a slight breeze and ample sun. He, of course, had to explore rocky area. An incurable nature buff, he has taught me many things. I was interested in tapping information on the long gone.

We discussed our plans for our mortal remains for when the time comes. His ideas are ever changing. I like the idea of a sturdy pine box and a simple stone. We’ll compromise eventually!

After our jaunt, we grabbed a bit to eat. Like most couples, we aren’t very well off. That isn’t the driving force. We love being with each other and making the best out of any situation.

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