My Blood Adventure

For far too long, I’ve suffered with bouts of fatigue and depression coupled with joint pain. My brain, which is usually very precise, has been foggy. My weight has fluctuated significantly. If I wasn’t working, I was sleeping. Now, I am currently unemployed.

Yesterday, several vials of my blood were extracted for further examination. The big question – is it the thyroid? I’m placing my bet on it.

So many people have no idea that physical manifestations of an issue can extend to your mental, emotional and psychological well-being. The body is quite connected. That’s how it operates. Its not one system at a time but a simultaneous working of all systems.

A friend of my fiance’s family told me that she knew a lady that was nearly institutionalized due to her depression. Come to find out, her thyroid was working well below its normal level. Once it was taken care of, she was working at full capacity.

Mayo Clinic’s article on Hypothyroidism.

My journey has just begun. A full exam is in progress. I eagerly await the results. Its been a very, very harsh two years. Two years too long. My symptoms weren’t going to slip away. Now that I am willing to take care of this matter, whatever it might be, I feel a slow lift of the burden.

I haven’t resembled myself. My self esteem has plummeted, I weave in and out of major depression. This isn’t me at all.

Here’s faith in a better year ahead.

Folks, sometimes when you think you’ve changed in such a manner, its really a physicality. Go check it out. Give yourself peace of mind. Its priceless.

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