The Lure and The Chase

The next big thing. What is it? A car, a phone or a vacation? What if I told you to look in the mirror?

Your skin, your eyes and your hair is the end result of multiple generations in the making. The roll of the dice, quite literally, made you.

So, what’s the big deal? The intangible. One lifetime to make sense of your world both intimately and generally.

Most of us have family and each family has a storyteller. The beholder of oral tradition is usually an elderly man or woman with a sparkle in their eye and a kettle on the stove. In the daily shuffle of life, we bypass such people. Run, run, run. There’s too much fuss.

What if I told you that you housed a museum within? There are untapped resources and its free of cost. Why isn’t this exciting to so many of you?

Genetically speaking, in the vaguest sense, there is only one person with your exact traits and that’s YOU. A twin isn’t even like you. A clone couldn’t compare. The road you take, the people you meet, your favorite activities, so on and so forth are uniquely your own.

What would it take for you to pursue the mysteries of your ancestry?

So many cultures place great stock in their blood, their lineage. Many other cultures place their bets on temporal pleasures.

Which road will you take? That’s up to you, my friend.

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