Behind The Screen, Who Am I?

In the age of the internet, closing down your social networking profile is an act of a revolutionary, a rogue. But is it really?

Within the next 24 – 48 hours, I plan on doing just that. I am neither a rogue or a sadist. In fact, I am beginning to value my well being. I’m a strong female by nature and I refuse to accept a page as my lot in life.

Most of us have had a love affair with the internet, for better or for worse. We keep in touch, gossip and send/receive messages. We are not, however, making this world a simpler place. We’ve complicated every aspect of life that we were able to.

Was it necessary? Yes, the internet is very helpful. However, certain facets of the cyber world have made us more caustic. Perhaps it has just placed the most ordinary people into the most extraordinary circumstances. You are now front and center of the realm at all times.

I’ve tossed the notion of leaving totally but I cannot. I have a Model Mayhem account, an Instagram account and email, of course.  So I am still quite present.

My WordPress blog is my baby. This is the place where I can fully express myself without giving too much away.

I am very pleased by the prospect of an online diary. As I travel, experiment, and grow, I can watch you do the same. Variety is the spice of life and we don’t have to be similar to appreciate each other. This is the human experience. Thank you for sharing it with me.



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