Chasing Fairies with Carissa

This is my beau’s version ^.^

The Universal Jungle

Sitting at the bay window, listening to the breeze and birdsong, I smile to myself. An assortment of pedestrians pass by in a hurry. How many of them plan to do what I do at sunset?

A young mother crosses the street with her child. He looks about as old as I was when the tradition began.

It had been a long and rewarding day of outdoor play. The school year would be over tomorrow. I stood grinning on the wet grass, drenched with hose water, dreaming of all that summer would bring. The sun was dipping beneath the horizon, leaving the entire backyard bathed in a lustrous cornflower blue. The cricket orchestra was just starting up. The evening wind whispered in the treetops.

Then they began to appear.

Small, rounded shadows, flitting and fluttering above me. Tiny fairies that buzzed noisily, zipping left and right as if in a…

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