A Very Rich Port

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The Universal Jungle

     Traveling long distances across this miraculous planet has been a great privilege. Each destination was unique, yet my memory has focused upon the similarities. Every island, rain forest, desert and mountainside exposed me to a wealth of ecological treasures beyond the limits of human imagination. Every costume, festival, and home-cooked meal has stood on its own… and yet, when I look back on every conversation, the same themes play out repeatedly. Nostalgia for the past, excitement for the unknown future, a need for love, appreciation of family, colorful superstition and a never-ending thirst for knowledge… universals that make me feel like a proud sibling of every other human being. Parts of a beautiful whole.

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 3.48.44 PMSome people ask me what my ‘favorite’ place is. At various stages, I would have given different answers. I now realize that answering this question is impossible. Some things simply cannot be compared. Every…

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