Our Wedding: Phase One

I do not have any intentions of being a bridezilla. The groom has a say, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, family etc. We welcome the suggestions.  Its a group effort.
While we are still searching for a venue, I expressed an interest in having a cousin make my dress. I won’t give anything away as far as aesthetics but I can assure you it will be an exotic theme with lots of old music to boot.
My great grandmother is going to teach me how to make pincurls in my hair and I’ll be brushing up on my flapper makeup skills.
  It helps to have a creative disposition and boy, is this exciting!
  My better half also relishes in this role as he is quite creative as well. It wouldn’t have been as much fun otherwise! It means so much to have him help with this. Many grooms are either indifferent or not allowed to voice their wants. How cruel is that?
As we bring this affair together, as it will be a year in the making, we look forward to showing the world our Asperger’s wedding.

8 thoughts on “Our Wedding: Phase One

    • still together but no plans in near future as of now to hurry that along… 🙂 we’ve already been married to other people and unfortunately those did not work which in turn lead us to each other. so we are enjoying exploring and getting to know each other along the way of our life journey. ❤

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