A Female Aspie’s Perspective

When I started this blog, it was crammed with my personal experience on the spectrum. I wanted to reach out to others on the world wide web and especially females because they are the minority in this equation – or so the experts have stated. That’s hardly true.
There have been a handful of articles in recent months that have investigated the erroneous thought pattern of experts.
Despite decades of research, a new perspective is shifting into view. Women on the spectrum have some camouflage so to speak. While our male counterpart is often socially impaired, we can generally socialize. However, its still a game of mimicry. We look for physical cues and act accordingly. That part of our brain is a bit more fluid.
  Imagine, if you will, the typical workings of a man or woman. Women are regarded as chattier and more assertive, possibly intuitive. Men tend to be straightforward, blunt. It isn’t that one approach is superior to the other but both are necessary. Now add, on top of that, your brain on a foggy day. It’s like a computer. It’s on cue intellectually or factually on a regular basis yet the cord to the social part of your brain is hanging by a thread. Not only must you learn to repair the thread but you must create a new wire from scratch. It’s painstaking. If you’re lucky or aloof enough, it often takes years.
As a female, you are viewed quirky or odd in most circles. It’s welcome as if you are a missing Pokemon character. If you are a male, its regarded as creepy. Our society views the male who navigates life like a two left feet tango as a potential deviant. While many people hardly use their intuition correctly, it may benefit the curious individual to get to know autism: one person at a time.

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