All Hallow’s Eve

David and I let loose for a short time at Milkie’s, formerly the Elmwood Lounge, where Lance Diamond (RIP) use to play.
I had tried desperately to turn my hair bright orange and without the aid of a permanent solution. My goal was to create Annie Lennox’s signature look from the “Sweet Dreams” video. It did not manifest. Instead I put a streak of electric red in the front of my hair thus leaving it a tribute.


David’s look was loosely based on Dave Stewart, the other half of Eurythmics. He had to leave his glasses on or he’d be as blind as a bat. I gave him the blazer I was originally going to wear in favor of a vintage dress coat from the 80s my mother had given me. He wore a clip on tie. Man, he looked so handsome.
At the club, we had a drink each and chatted with some friends. Of course we had to dance! 
The next day, we spent most of it sleeping or eating pizza.
  How was your Halloween?


P.S. David was not entirely compliant with the whole photography idea. A clear shot of his ensemble does not exist. Sorry.

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