Grey Saturday

We slumped out of bed late morning to behold the finished product – the heirloom ring given to David’s grandmother in the ’60s via his grandfather on their 25th wedding anniversary. Destination: Lockport, New York.

The ring is a little over a carat with diamonds of various size and one missing (it was removed for his brother’s fiancee’s ring). On a spur of the moment trip some weeks earlier, we had dropped it off at a reputable jeweler for some minor repairs and a stone to place in the center. After some consideration, an aquamarine was chosen. It’s a light stone, my birthstone actually, and David’s favorite color.

The end result was remarkable. Sure, it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry but the love that created it initially was just as if not more inspiring. This ring belonged to a woman that my future husband adored. Even though he was distracted by the small fish tank at the jeweler’s, I know he approved.

After we picked up our precious cargo, we touched down at La Port’s for lunch. Small town diners are a dying breed but damn is the food tasty. None of that cheap crap they slop on your plate in a dime a dozen facility but the homemade goodness, a blessing in your stomach.

I could not help but listen in on the two gentlemen behind us talking about Military History. I am a sucker for a good conversation. I had to interject from time to time. The one man, the younger of the two, was in the Coast Guard around the same time my father was. He was also stationed in Cape May, New Jersey (I was born there because my dad was stationed there.)  Small world! The other fellow was a riot. We wanted to adopt him! He had a box of chicken fingers for a friend and he kept getting distracted by the dips and turns of the conversation. She called him several times. He tried to calm her to no avail. She called the restaurant to further her agenda. He threatened to eat her food.

We were going to visit the infamous Cold Springs Cemetery but the driver was a bit frazzled.

A quick stop at Pulp 716 and I obtained a copy of “In The Shadow Of Dracula” which is a collection of nineteenth century Vampire stories. Score.

Oh and here is the finished product.


You’re Welcome.

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