A PCOS Story

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a hormonal Disorder (Read More HERE.)

It’s very underplayed and possibly under diagnosed. Many women complain of trouble with fertility. This condition is infamous for such problems.

My tale begins around puberty. Actually before. The hirsutism I can blame on ethnic background and it was complicated by puberty. Women don’t come in perfect packages. Hormonal disorders further cement the idea. It’s frightening, embarrassing and all consuming.

It’s easier to keep a longer hairstyle so people have a harder time of gaging the imperfections all over your face.  Electrolysis is your best bet for that awful coarse hair. Perhaps a five blade razor.

If the phsyical manifestations aren’t enough, the internal world is pure chaos. Insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, dysmenorrhea are just a few of the underlying causes or symptoms of this condition.
The topper for most women is infertility.

PCOS is an epidemic. Maybe a woman may not want to become pregnant but just peace of mind.

Well, I am stepping up to the plate to let you know, yes YOU, that it isn’t in your head. It’s a real issue. If you feel that this story has explained a thing or two, please discuss your symptoms with your doctor. By all means, take a blood test. A Saliva test is even better.

Peace be with you.

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