Autism & Love: What’s It Like?

Some important things about Autism: its a spectrum disorder (thus is affects each individual differently),  its Neurological (because of how the brain physically processes information) and it can be a benefit versus a deficit (like in the cases of Temple Grandin & Nikola Tesla).   What’s it like in love? Independent Lens is going to […]

A Female Aspie’s Perspective

When I started this blog, it was crammed with my personal experience on the spectrum. I wanted to reach out to others on the world wide web and especially females because they are the minority in this equation – or so the experts have stated. That’s hardly true. There have been a handful of articles […]

High Functioning Autism/ Aspergers Diagnosis

At age 21, I was the center of a personal study and conquest. Was it Aspergers? Dear Reader, climb to my first WordPress blogs and see for yourself. It’s a fairly detailed account on what had transpired for the first two decades of life on Earth. Why? Well, if you suspect that you’re “one of […]