Autism & Love: What’s It Like?

Some important things about Autism: its a spectrum disorder (thus is affects each individual differently),  its Neurological (because of how the brain physically processes information) and it can be a benefit versus a deficit (like in the cases of Temple Grandin & Nikola Tesla).   What’s it like in love? Independent Lens is going to […]

Chasing Fairies with Carissa

Originally posted on The Universal Jungle:
Sitting at the bay window, listening to the breeze and birdsong, I smile to myself. An assortment of pedestrians pass by in a hurry. How many of them plan to do what I do at sunset? A young mother crosses the street with her child. He looks about as…

A Jaunt Through Forest Lawn Before The Tundra Hits

I am in a village right outside of Buffalo, New York. My boyfriend is practically my neighbor (several blocks away).  We have been having a horrendous time obtaining employment and it came as a suggestion to embark on an adventure yesterday. At first, it was going to be the science museum. I recommended an outdoor […]