Autism & Love: What’s It Like?

Some important things about Autism: its a spectrum disorder (thus is affects each individual differently),  its Neurological (because of how the brain physically processes information) and it can be a benefit versus a deficit (like in the cases of Temple Grandin & Nikola Tesla).   What’s it like in love? Independent Lens is going to […]

Serenity & The Wind

I am by myself with two particularly clingy felines. The room is comfortable, the television is off and the soft glow of the mobile screen is the only real distraction. I was up to check my right tonsil which flared up again. No need to fear it’ll shrink. I was deep in prayer for sometime […]

Ever Forward

If you’ve been down that road then you know what I mean.  It’s a game of mimicry even if you have some social elements to your personality. You have power surges of frustration, sometimes anger. You can ramble off facts and mingle with a crowd. You aren’t very coordinated. You can’t multitask very well. The […]

Grey Saturday

We slumped out of bed late morning to behold the finished product – the heirloom ring given to David’s grandmother in the ’60s via his grandfather on their 25th wedding anniversary. Destination: Lockport, New York. The ring is a little over a carat with diamonds of various size and one missing (it was removed for […]

Featured Artist in Graveyard_Dead

What an immense honor! I am a featured artist at the Graveyard_Dead today. The following Photograph was taken in Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Cemetery in Cheektowaga, New York (a hop, skip and a jump from Buffalo). It is the final resting place for many Polish immigrants and descendants. I do have family in there as […]

All Hallow’s Eve

David and I let loose for a short time at Milkie’s, formerly the Elmwood Lounge, where Lance Diamond (RIP) use to play. I had tried desperately to turn my hair bright orange and without the aid of a permanent solution. My goal was to create Annie Lennox’s signature look from the “Sweet Dreams” video. It […]

A Female Aspie’s Perspective

When I started this blog, it was crammed with my personal experience on the spectrum. I wanted to reach out to others on the world wide web and especially females because they are the minority in this equation – or so the experts have stated. That’s hardly true. There have been a handful of articles […]