Update: Susan (Patterson) Smith

*cue “Unsolved Mysteries theme”* This is believed to be my great great grandmother. Her father, David, must have served as an inspiration in naming her son. Geographically and name-wise, this little piece of information from the Canadian census seems to answer some of the questions. I am still here to serve as an outreach to […]

Susan (Patterson) Smith

This entry is of a genealogical nature. It concerns my g g grandmother. Her name was Susan Patterson. From what I’ve gathered, she was born in Fort Erie Canada sometime in the 1870s. She married my g g grandfather, Henry George Smith, in 1895. Henry was born in London, England on December 1871. I haven’t […]

BU Alum Searches For Jewish Headstones Used By Nazis To Fortify Roads

Healing The Past.

Genealogy Workshop at Mormon Church Reaches Out to African-Americans

Search Your Roots.

Question For Seasoned Genealogists/Geneticists..

I have DNA in common with the Botocudo people of Brazil and the Clovis people that settled in Montana. Is it fair to assume that I have an Indian ancestor I have yet to discover on my family tree or perhaps even Mexican/similar ancestry with the bit of Spanish blood I had discovered?

The Lure and The Chase

The next big thing. What is it? A car, a phone or a vacation? What if I told you to look in the mirror? Your skin, your eyes and your hair is the end result of multiple generations in the making. The roll of the dice, quite literally, made you. So, what’s the big deal? […]