Autism & Love: What’s It Like?

Some important things about Autism: its a spectrum disorder (thus is affects each individual differently),  its Neurological (because of how the brain physically processes information) and it can be a benefit versus a deficit (like in the cases of Temple Grandin & Nikola Tesla).   What’s it like in love? Independent Lens is going to […]

Mary Wire

I am here at Failing Cemetery soaking up the death and despair. Not quite. It is a serene little lot with plenty of character. The stones are scattered and often faint as far as legibility. Like Mary Wire, we’re all a mystery long after we’re dust and bone. A storm approaches today. The skies are […]

Behind The Screen, Who Am I?

In the age of the internet, closing down your social networking profile is an act of a revolutionary, a rogue. But is it really? Within the next 24 – 48 hours, I plan on doing just that. I am neither a rogue or a sadist. In fact, I am beginning to value my well being. […]