Greetings From The Blogger

It certainly has been sometime since I’ve updated this blog.  I am currently working on a book (nonfiction piece). It’s a bit slower process than I had wished to give it credit for and mentally taxing at times but totally worth it. Thank you for your ongoing support x

Featured Artist in Graveyard_Dead

What an immense honor! I am a featured artist at the Graveyard_Dead today. The following Photograph was taken in Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Cemetery in Cheektowaga, New York (a hop, skip and a jump from Buffalo). It is the final resting place for many Polish immigrants and descendants. I do have family in there as […]

Herbal Shop By Buffalo, New York

Do you live by Buffalo New York or do you care to take a trip this way? Out of your favorite herbs or need a tincture bottle? Well, I’ve got a little secret for you…. Visit ——>Herbal Traditions LLCĀ <———- Its slightly out of view. Just round the corner behind the barn.

Genealogy Adventure: A Summary

Most people will find that they are predominantly one, perhaps two ethnic backgrounds within a certain period in their lineage. I suppose I am the exception. Most of my heritage that I am very or somewhat acquainted with is recent. German on both my paternal and maternal side. My paternal side extends back several generations […]