Autism & Love: What’s It Like?

Some important things about Autism: its a spectrum disorder (thus is affects each individual differently),  its Neurological (because of how the brain physically processes information) and it can be a benefit versus a deficit (like in the cases of Temple Grandin & Nikola Tesla).   What’s it like in love? Independent Lens is going to […]

A Female Aspie’s Perspective

When I started this blog, it was crammed with my personal experience on the spectrum. I wanted to reach out to others on the world wide web and especially females because they are the minority in this equation – or so the experts have stated. That’s hardly true. There have been a handful of articles […]

~Still Healing~

I want others to know they aren’t alone or without hope. Anxiety is a silent thief. It deprives you of energy, joy and peace. It dismantles your life and destroys your relationships. Where you least expect the rainbow is where you’ll find it. For the past fourteen years, long and often painful, I have dealt […]