Greetings From The Blogger

It certainly has been sometime since I’ve updated this blog.  I am currently working on a book (nonfiction piece). It’s a bit slower process than I had wished to give it credit for and mentally taxing at times but totally worth it. Thank you for your ongoing support x

A PCOS Story

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a hormonal Disorder (Read More HERE.) It’s very underplayed and possibly under diagnosed. Many women complain of trouble with fertility. This condition is infamous for such problems. My tale begins around puberty. Actually before. The hirsutism I can blame on ethnic background and it was complicated by puberty. Women […]

Ombre Stiletto Nails

Check out the nails. The shape is known as the “stiletto” which seems like a PC term for “claw” or “dagger”. Trends can be a very interesting thing to observe because they can say so much about society or a group of people. Purple/black ombre is a perfect blend like a night sky bleeding into […]

History and Honor at Brent Family Cemetery in Aquia, Virginia

A Virginian Tidbit.